Workshop: Automation of Assembly and Packaging at the Micro/Nano-scale 
August, 2011

The workshop

This Workshop, entitled 'Automation of Assembly and Packaging at the Micro/Nano-scale', is a full-day workshop.

date: Wednesday August 24, 9:00-13:00 and 14:00-18:00
Session name: WeA1 (morning) and WeB1 (after-noon)
Room: Zodiaco

The organizers

- Micky Rakotondrabe, Associate Professor
- Yassine Haddab, Associate Professor
- Cédric Clévy, Associate Professor
- and Philippe Lutz, Full Professor

All the organizers are/were with:

Automatic Control and Micro-Mechatronic Systems Department (AS2M),
FEMTO-st Institute,
24, rue Alain Savary
25000 Besançon - FRANCE

Ongoing position of Micky Rakotondrabe:
Full Professor, ENIT (National School of Engineering in Tarbes)
Toulouse INP

MAVRICS research group (Mechatronics, Automatic control, Virtual reality and Robotics for the InteraCtion of Systems)
LGP (Laboratoire Génie de Production)
ENIT (National School of Engineering in Tarbes)
Toulouse INP
47, Avenue d'Azereix
65000 Tarbes - FRANCE

Email: mrakoton 'at' enit 'dot' fr

List of the speakers

  1. Daniel Jasper,
    AMIR Institute, University of Oldenbourg Germany,
    Title: "SEM-based motion control for automated robotic nanohandling",

  2. David Folio and Antoine Ferreira,
    PRISME Institute, ENSI Engineering School Bourges FR,
    Title: "Dynamic Modeling and Control of Nanoparticles in Blood Vesels through Magnetic gradients",

  3. John Wason and John T. Wen,
    CATS Center, RPI Institute NY USA,
    Title: "Automated Assembly of an Active 3D Microstructure using Vision based Motion and Force Feedback",

  4. Simon D. Muntwyler, Felix Beyeler, Dimitris Felekis1 and Bradley J. Nelson,
    IRIS Institute, ETH Zurich CH,
    Title: "Microforce-sensing and microrobotic-handling systems, instruments and tools for micromechanical testing and microassembly",

  5. P. Saketi and Pasi Kallio,
    Tempere University of Technology,
    Title: "Microrobotics in Paper Fiber Studies ",

  6. Quan Zhou,
    Aalto University Finland,
    Title: "High efficiency automation in 3D integration of future heterogeneous microsystems - the EU FP7 project FAB2ASM",

  7. Sofiane Khadraoui, Micky Rakotondrabe and Philippe Lutz,
    FEMTO-ST Institute Besançon FR,
    Title: "Robust automated pick-and-place tasks using piezoelectric microgripper with force/position interval control",

Objective of this workshop

The objective of this workshop is to give an overview of current automation techniques and control for systems used to perform precise assembly and packaging at the micro/nano-scale. The particularities of micro/nano-scale such as the adhesion forces, the difficulty to embed high performances measurement systems, the impossibility to use direct senses, and the high sensitivity to environmental disturbances make that controlling and automating these tasks require new approaches and methodologies. Furthermore, the severe performances (submicrometric resolution, high bandwidth) required to success the micro/nano-assembly and packaging involve the use of robust and efficient control techniques and methodologies. The speakers will give the recent development on the automation of assembly and packaging at micro/nano-scale and on the related control issues. The presentations include, and not limited to, methodology for design or control, experimental or theoretical results on new development and techniques, new approaches to measure signals at this scale for a further feedback control, focused control applications, methodology to generate trajectory for efficient precise micro/nano-assembly.

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