Workshop on
"Robotic manipulation: mechatronic tools, modeling, identification and control"

Dr Mathieu GROSSARD,
Senior Researcher, Ph.D., Habil. (HDR), CEA LIST Institute

Interactive Robotic Unit,
LIST Institute,
Commissariat à l'Energie Atomique et aux Energies Alternatives (CEA),
8 avenue de la Vauve,
91120 Palaiseau - FRANCE

Phone: +33 169 080 787

Email: grossard 'at' cea 'dot' fr
Homepage: here

Talk title:
Considering flexibilities in the design and control of robotic manipulators

Whether versatile gripping tasks at the micro-world scale or safe and dexterous manipulation tasks at a larger dimensional scale, the function of robotic manipulation requires the use of efficient and accurate mechatronic systems. In most cases, they involve mechanisms that has the property to undergo elastic deformation. These phenomena are naturally induced by the use of certain technological components of the system or by the geometry of some slender structures. It can be smart material-based micromanipulators, lightweight and interactive robot arms, highly functionally integrated end-effectors, or even anthropomorphic multifingered grippers.

The basically multidisciplinary problems of optimally designing and controlling such systems are addressed for various contexts of robotic manipulation tasks (e.g. micromanipulation, human-robot comanipulation, dexterous manipulation, as well as safe and collaborative manipulation). These terms cover a wide range of applications for the current robotic tasks. This unified approach, that takes into account the issues related to the mechanical compliance encountered in versatile and multi-scale robotic manipulation tasks, results in an innovative nature in this field so far.

Based on an analysis of relevant methodological tools to the field of flexible robotics, this problematic is addressed through three complementary themes : the study of the functional integration of mechatronic devices that are dedicated to manipulation tasks, then the study of dexterity and manipulation skills of end-effectors, and finally the study of strategies for safe and precise control in an interactive context.

Mathieu Grossard received both the Engineering diploma and the M.Sc. degree in robotics and automation from the Ecole Centrale de Nantes (France, 2005) and the PhD degree in automatic control (best French PhD award from the "GDR MACS") at Femto-St (France, 2008). He obtained the H.D.R. (Habil. for Research Supervision) degree from UPMC Sorbonne University (France, 2019).

Since 2008, he has been a senior researcher and R&D project manager at the Interactive Robotics Unit of the CEA LIST in France, where he is responsible for robotic manipulation activities. His current research interests include optimal mechanical design, modelling and advanced control of robot manipulators, compliant structures, and active-based materials actuators/sensors. He had Workpackage Leader responsibilities in European-funded research (H2020 and FP7) and industrial projects. He is author of more than 12 patents, as well as more than 60 international publications. In particular, he is co-editor of the book "Flexible Robotics : Applications to Multiscale Manipulations", Wiley-ISTE publisher, 2013."




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