Tutorial on
"Mechatronics and robotics for manipulation: design and control"

Associate Professor, National School of Engineering in Tarbes (ENIT)

MAVRICS research group (Mechatronics, Automatic control, Virtual reality and Robotics for the InteraCtion of Systems)
SYSTEMS research department,
Laboratoire Génie de Production (LGP),
University of Toulouse
47, Avenue d'Azereix
65000 Tarbes - FRANCE

Phone: +33 567 450 111

Email: mourad.benoussaad 'at' enit 'dot' fr
Homepage: https://sites.google.com/view/mourad-benoussaad/

Talk title:
Physical Human-robot collaboration for object's co-manipulation

Physical Human-robot Interaction is a promising and challenging robotics field, however this synergy requires to be improved to achieve a most complex tasks. One of these complexe tasks can be a co-manipulation (between human and robot) of heavy, bulky or flexible object which can be a product, a tools or another human. Therefore, to a consider a certain number of issues related to the interaction stability, safety and human ergonomics and comfort, the human should be considered more deeply as system than just an external perturbation force.

This talk will introduce to physical human-robotics manipulation where the human-object-robot interaction is considered as a whole system, which can be entirely modeled, measured and partially or completely controlled.

Dr. Mourad BENOUSSAAD is an associate professor at INP Toulouse, ENIT (Ecole Nationale d'Ingénieur de Tarbes) and LGP Lab (Laboratoire Génie de Production). Born in 1979, he prepared a PhD at LIRMM Lab (INRIA-UM2-CNRS) and he received a PhD in Robotics and Control Theory from Science University of Montpellier (France) in 2009.

He was a postdoc researcher at The University of Tokyo (JSPS-Japan) in 2010-2011 and then a postdoc researcher at Heidelberg University (Germany) during 2012-2013. In 2013-2014, Dr. M. Benoussaad joined LIRMM Lab (INRIA-UM2-CNRS) as a researcher in Robotics Lab. During his research, he worked mainly on robotics, biomechanics and human motion and optimization techniques.

In 2014 he joined INP-ENIT and Laboratoire Génie de Production (LGP) as an associate professor. His actual research mainly focuses on Physical Human-Robot Interaction (pHRI) in context of collaborative robotics (cobotics) and active exoskeleton. Dr Mourad Benoussaad is co-leader of the workshop group on 'human/robotics interaction' of the French research society 'GDR Robotics'




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