2010 IEEE International Conference on Robotics and Automation
Anchorage, Alaska, May 3-8, 2010

"Signals Measurement and Estimation Techniques Issues in the Micro/Nano-World"


- Alina Voda and Gildas Besançon

Micro-Nano Systems and SOC project Control Systems Department,
BP 46, Saint-Martin d’Heres, FRANCE.


Observer-based estimation of weak forces in a nanosystem measurement device


This paper presents an observer-based approach for weak force measurement via AFM experiments: the idea is to directly reconstruct the force to be measured, from the cantilever deflection actually measured by an optical device and some appropriate observer design. This design classically relies on a dynamic model, which is here beforehand identified.
The proposed method is shown to be fairly efficient via experimental illustrative results.

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