Tutorial on
"Mechatronics and robotics for manipulation: design and control"


The tutorial

This tutorial, entitled 'Mechatronics and robotics for manipulation: design and control', is a half-day tutorial that will take place during the IFAC World Congress, held in Yokohama Japan from 9th to 14th of July 2023.

date of tutorial: July 9, 2023
time: 8:30 - 12:00
Room: 512
Place: Pacific Convention Plaza Yokohama (PACIFICO Yokohama) 1-1-1, Minato Mirai, Nishi-ku, Yokohama 220-0012, JAPAN.

This tutorial is within the activities of the IFAC TC.4.2 Mechatronics and can touch the activities of TC.4.3 Robotics as well.

The speakers and the timetable

- 8h30-8h40: reception, introduction by Huichan ZHAO and Micky RAKOTONDRABE,
- 8h40-9h15: Micky RAKOTONDRABE, ENIT, University of Toulouse, Tarbes France,
- 9h15-9h50: Huichan ZHAO, Tsinghua University, Beijing China,
- 9h50-10h20: Coffee BREAK
- 10h20-10h55: Mourad BENOUSSAAD, ENIT, University of Toulouse, Tarbes France,
- 10h55-11h30: Gerardo FLORES, Centro de Investigaciones en Optico, Leon Mexico,
- 11h30-12h05: Sofiane KHADRAOUI, University of Sharjah, Sharjah UAE.

More details on each presentation can be found in the "Speakers and talks" section

Motivation and objectives

The contribution of mechatronics and robotics to assist or replace human in manipulation tasks includes: more safety and less exposition to danger in an environment that is harsh, feasability of the tasks in unaccessible places, more precision and rapidity for repetitive manipulation, assistance for handling weighty objects... These last fifteen years, we witness an increase of research in terms of design and of control (modeling, estimation, controllers synthesis) of mechatronic and robotic tools and systems for manipulation applications. New challenges have been raising and are leading researchers and engineers to re-think and to propose new techniques than the design and control classically uesed in traditional grippers for industrial robotics. Those challenges are: robotic manipulation in collaboration with human, tasks in harsh - extreme or tiny environment, manipulation of very small objects, more and more complex objects shape, bulky objects manipulation in crowded environment, deformability of the objects, object manipulation with varying weight and mechanical impedance, more and more dexterity to be reached, manipulation with more than two robotic arms, manipulation with mobile robotics arms.

This tutorial is to have the opportunity to have lectures and talks from six (6) researchers specialized in mechatronic or/and robotic manipulation but of different angles. The target of this tutorial is multiple: to be aware of the most recent results on the topics, introducing to young and junior researchers some design or control techniques used, allowing exchanges and discussions between senior engineers or researchers for potential collaboration, and sharing experiences and different approaches.

List of topics

The talks focuses:

- soft robotics based manipulation
- smart materials actuators based mechatronic systems for manipulation
- aerial manipulation
- deformable object manipulation
- guaranteed performances based manipulation
- human-robotic co-manipulation

Scientific and technical topics covered:

- design and development
- modeling and control
- parameters and signals estimation

To attend the tutorial

To attend the tutorial, the person must do a registration. More details on the registration fee can be found here: more informations on registration.

The organizers

Full Professor, National School of Engineering in Tarbes (ENIT)

MAVRICS research group (Mechatronics, Automatic control, Virtual reality and Robotics for the InteraCtion of Systems)
SYSTEMS research department,
Laboratoire Génie de Production (LGP),
University of Toulouse
47, Avenue d'Azereix
65000 Tarbes - FRANCE

Phone: +33 562 442 763

Email: mrakoton 'at' enit 'dot' fr
Homepage: m.rakoton.net




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