C-MUMS: Control of Multivariable Piezoelectric Microsystems
with Minimization of Sensors




C-MUMS is an Young Investigator ANR project. Its context concerns the development of intelligent, autonomous packaged and dexterous piezoelectric microsystems. For that, the scientific objective of C-MUMS is the development of control techniques able to improve the performances and to make autonomous multi-axis piezoelectric microsystems with minimization of the number and the sizes of sensors. Indeed, existing sensors able to track such microsystems are nowadays very expensive and have non-convenient dimensions (optical sensors, interferometry, etc.). On the other side, embeddable sensors are often noise sensitives, fragile and limited in performances (ranges do not correspond to the requirement, precision is limited by the noise, etc.).

The solution proposed by C-MUMS consists in controlling these piezoelectric microsystems with two approaches: 1) the control without sensors, also called feedforward control; 2) and the control using the self-sensing, i.e. we use the actuator as sensor at the same time, principle which is possible for physically reversible systems such as piezoelectric actuators.

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October 1st 2012 to March 31st 2016 (42months)

Coordinator and principal investigator (PI)

Micky RAKOTONDRABE, Associate Professor

Automatic Control and Micro-Mecatronic Systems (AS2M) department,
FEMTO-st Institute,
Lecturer at the Université de Franche-Comté in Besançon

Ongoing position:
Full Professor, ENIT (National School of Engineering in Tarbes)
Toulouse INP

MAVRICS research group (Mechatronics, Automatic control, Virtual reality and Robotics for the InteraCtion of Systems)
LGP (Laboratoire Génie de Production)
ENIT (National School of Engineering in Tarbes)
Toulouse INP
47, Avenue d'Azereix
65000 Tarbes - FRANCE

Email: mrakoton 'at' enit 'dot' fr
Homepage: m.rakoton.net

Host Institute

Automatic Control and Micro-Mecatronic Systems (AS2M) department,
FEMTO-st Institute,
24, rue Alain Savary
25000 Besançon - FRANCE

Legal institute managing the project

University of Franche-Comté (UFC) at Besançon
25000 Besançon - FRANCE

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