Phd and post-doc opportunities

Highly talented and motivated candidates are encouraged to contact and send me their spontaneous candidatures.

Phd proposal: Micro-miroir pour le LIDAR dans le vehicule autonome".

We are seeking for a good candidate for a phd on "Micromirror for LIDAR application" (development, modeling, simulation and control). The Phd works will be co-advised between the CEA LETI in Grenoble (France) and the ENIT of Toulouse INP in Tarbes (France). The co-advisors are Laurent Mollard and Pr Micky Rakotondrabe (ENIT / Toulouse INP).

Interested candidates should send their aplication by email to Laurent Mollard and Micky Rakotondrabe, whom the emails are available in the document below. More detailed information is also available in the document below.

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